Do you know about Poppy Day ?

par Jean-Michel Guilhaumon

Poppies symbolise remembrance : remembering people who died in wars.
During World War One (WW1), soldiers saw poppies growing near the battlefields in Belgium and France. In the horror of war, they were signs of life, but their red colour resembled blood.
After the war, tow women, Moina Michael in the USA and Anna Guerin in France, promoted the idea of using artificial poppies to symbolise remembrance.
The poppies help people remember and they also help war veterans and their families.
Disabled veterans can have jobs making poppies.
Poppy Day exists in Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
It originally commemorated the end of World War 1, on 11 November, but now it is for victims of all wars

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